We wanted to create a tranquil escape from reality, and in this busy world, we all need to experience true calm from time to time. Whether you do this with a coffee in the morning, on your commute to work, or just to have some you time, Aballone Magazine is the perfect company.

Aballone was created in 2019 by Toby McLaren and Hannah Roadknight, both design for publishing students at Norwich University of the Arts.

We had the concept of a creative space in our minds for some time as our friendship and design skills developed, and are excited to finally be making this dream a reality.

Aballone houses the independent magazine ‘Aballone’ as well as our freelance design skills and any other events or collaborations we work on. We have teamed up to build a creative environment that suits us both perfectly, and allows us to work together on projects with our harmonious design styles and contrasting skills. We love minimal design and specialise in publishing and editorial design, working closely with magazines and books in many of our previous projects. The logical next step for our work was to create a publication together, something that we both felt reflected us as designers as well as our interests. And just like that, Aballone Magazine was born.

We get a lot of questions about the name. We both knew from the initial planning sessions that we wanted a soft, minimal grey-beige colour to be prominent in the magazine due to the atmosphere of the overall theme, so we spent a long time looking through swatches searching for the perfect shade. Alongside this, we were continuously throwing name ideas into the mix, but never finding one that stuck. After many, many hours had passed, we both pointed to a swatch colour at the same time and instantly agreed it was perfect. The name of that tone was Abalone, and it was love at first sight. We’d never heard the word anywhere before, and after doing plenty of research into the origins and changing the lettering a little, we agreed on Aballone Magazine. This is a minimal, day to day lifestyle magazine centred around the idea of tranquility, positivity and calmness. There is so much negativity, politics and stress in today’s society, and as two sensitive optimists, we feel it pretty deeply. We wanted to create an escape; something that only evokes the positive feelings surrounding creativity, living and mentality. Nothing heavy, nothing controversial, no issues. Ultimately, something to keep us all happy.